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If you are planning to travel Nepal, obviously the weather is one of the important factors to consider. Nepal has four main seasons--autumn (September to November), spring (March to May), summer (June to August), and the winter (December to February). Each season has something special to see and discover in Nepal. The autumn season falls between September to November, which is the most popular season for trekking or tour in Nepal, which starts immediately after the monsoon. During this season, the hills seem to the colorful and the sky is so clear that you will be able to have amazing vistas including that of mountains, landscapes, and more. During this season, the major trekking trails in Nepal such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and so forth are filled by the travelers. Thus the best ways to avoid the crowd is to choose off the beaten trekking trails. During this season many festivals take place such as Dashain--the biggest festival of Hindu, Tihar (the festival of lights--second biggest festival of Hindu), Chhat (the biggest festivals of people living in Terai, the plain land of Nepal.?

The winter season this falls from December to February. It is mostly clear and stable weather. It is the coldest weather, in this season, the haze often sits in valleys and reaches up to the Himalaya which make unclear sky, possible to have trekking in the lower altitude areas trekking, as because, the snow falls heavily in the higher altitude areas making travelers difficult to walk and sea the clear views of the mountains etc. But it does not snow in Kathmandu and you can travel in the plain land in the Terai area, but in the morning and evening it is really cold, need to prepare for the bad weather? The spring is one another most popular season for trekking in Nepal which falls from March to May. The weather is warmer and the day is longer. The rhododendrons flowers blooms making the trail look beautiful and amazing feeling. This season is especially suit trekking to the higher altitude area trekking including the peak climbing and expedition. The lower altitude area is warm and even so hot.

The summer season is a bit difficult to travel in Nepal which falls from June to August. During this season, it rains heavily and therefore, why people avoid trekking but in Nepal there are numerous rain shadow areas like Mustang, Dolpo areas, where there rains little. But the mountain areas are covered with the fog and rains almost every day, the trails are slippery also the leeches are so active, and therefore create difficulty to have better sky and the scenery. However, this season is really amazing season as there is greenery everywhere; the valleys are filled with flowers and butterflies. Whenever or which season you wish to visit to Nepal, there is something to offer.