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Medical Checklist
Even if you are not health conscious, you better consult with your doctor and pharmacists for brands and necessary medicines. Because, the medical facility or treatment you find in your country may not be possible to find here, so as the medicine. The brand you may take in a kind of illness you suffer from may not be possible to find here. Thus make the lists of medicines and medical equipments. The medicines including that of Aspirin for preventing pain for fever, flu tablets for nasal decongestant, multivitamins for longer trip, antihistamine for allergies, antibiotics particularly when you are traveling off the beaten trail, anti-inflammatory for muscle pain, medicine for diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, rehydration to prevent dehydration, insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm and eyes drops, antifungal cream, bandages, band-aids (plasters) and other wound dressings, water purification tablets, scissors, tweezers and a thermometer, sterile kit in case you need injections in a country with medical hygiene problems. For this all the details of medicines and medial lists, discuss with your doctor and pharmacists.

Similarly, you better have necessary vaccinations before you visit to Nepal, although there is rare chance of serious illness, in case you may suffer from. Bring at least few passport size photos and Nepali cash for visa on demand at airport and at the border crossing, also for trekking permit and Trekking Information Management System cards that are necessary during your trekking in the Himalayas. Likewise, you have to be conscious enough and prepare for necessary trekking gears, many items can be obtained, purchased or can be taken in rent but may not be original or durable as that of stuffs as of your country. The essential gears means for instance, footwear, clothing etc which needs to be brought from your country depending upon the activities you wish to organize or in a particular season you wish to travel. If you wish to go to trekking either you wish to go for camping trekking or tea house trekking. For instance, if you wish to do tea house trekking, you won?t need camping equipments. The types of gear you bring depends largely the type of trek you are planning to do in Nepal. The essential gears varies depending upon the activities you wish to conduct, the season you wish to visit, the season you wish to travel.

Equipments checklists
The lists here is only a general guides to the things you might take on a trekking, as said above, The types of gear you bring depends largely the type of trek you are planning to do in Nepal.
Trekking boots, hat (warm) scarf and gloves, waterproof jacket, umbrella, trousers, running shoes, sandals or flip-flops, shorts and trousers or skirt, thermal underwear, sunhat, fleece jacket, T-shirt--2 or 3 and long sleeved shirt with collar and so forth.
backpack, sleeping bag and silk liner, maps, compass and guidebook, water bottle, torch--flashlight, spare batteries, duffle bag--if you have porter.
Camping trekking
Trowel, if no toilet tent, sleeping mat, cooking, eating and drinking utensils, dishwashing items, stove with wind screen and maintenance kit and fuel, tent and so forth.
Miscellaneous items
Toiletries, quick-drying camp towel, toilet paper, cigarette lighter, sunscreen, polarizing sunglasses, pocket knife, iodine, water-purification tablets, medical and first aid kit, insect repellent, emergency kit including a whistle and waterproof matches, candle etc.
High altitude areas above 4,000 m
If you are going to trekking high altitude areas you better take some more gears such as--thermal underwear, woolen hat, gloves, gaiters, down jacket or down vest etc.
Optional equipments
Camera, memory card and battery charger, spare batteries, binoculars, backpack cover to name a few. These aforementioned lists are only the general guide, you better inquiry send us mail in our address, we will send you the lists of equipments and gears you need to bring, as per the destination you wish to have trekking.?