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Nepal has been one of the ultimate destinations for having adventure sports and equally it is endowed with an unparalleled combination of natural, cultural, and historical attractions. Most of the popular tourist destinations in Nepal have been the mountaineering, cannoning, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, and hosts of other sort of adventure sports. These sorts of adventure sports no doubt offer you optimum adventure but equally involve certain risk and the possible dangers may occur during the trekking in the Himalayas such as landslides, altitude sickness, and occasional thefts or extortion and so forth. Some contingencies are properly handled by trekking staff, but sometimes it is out of their capacities. Therefore, we request, each traveler coming to Nepal also are proper insured.

Nepal is relatively safer country to travel, however, due to political instability; there also has been some incidences of assaults and harassment etc. though there is rare attack on the tourists especially in the hilly areas. Similarly, the difficult terrain especially while having trekking in the high Himalayas, there is likely to occur the instances such as the high altitude sicknesses, avalanches, landslides etc. Therefore, we request you to obtain travel insurance in addition to the standard medical coverage. In Nepal we do have an organization called Himalayan Rescue Association and Nepal Mountaineering Association, which manage some part of insurances in Kathmandu. Similarly, there is also another organization called Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) which offer insurance as well as rescue service. We do have close contact with these different organizations here in Nepal. However, sometimes, the contacts merely with these aforementioned organizations are not enough thus you also better consult with embassies and international organizations where you will have insurance facility. We strongly recommend you to buy a travel insurance that comers Rescue and Evacuation then bring your policy details (e.g. policy number, contact phone, coverage, etc) because rescue services will rarely come to your aid without cash deposit or a promise in Kathmandu however when you are doing tour with us, we arrange helicopter evacuation in emergency case due to altitude sickness or suffering injury during expedition/trekking/Climbing and/or health conditions.

Besides there are numerous of insurance companies in Nepal offering such insurance facilities, if you wish to do here in Nepal especially for minor insurance, we can help you find do your insurance especially of personal belongings, the luggage, and travel documents such as tickets, visas, passports these can be lost, stolen or damaged. Similarly, the insurance companies also offer the facility for medical expenses such as hospital fees including any costs of getting you to hospital, in case if you fall sick or injure, baggage delay, for this you have more responsibility than we do, but we are fully ready to assist you find best possible service providers available here in Nepal especially for minor insurance, rather you better do it in your country.